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How To Order Tea:(You can always call and place orders by phone too. Call 509-487-2111 or email us at [email protected])

You can order in the following quantities:

  • 1 Sample Bag for $5.50
  • 1 Large Bag for $15.00
  • 4 Sample Bags for $20.00

On each tea web page, you will find a list of the teas and descriptions. At the bottom of each web page is a cart for purchasing.

When ordering individual bags, click on the drop-down menu for "one sample bag" or "one large bag" and then add your selection to the cart. 

The drop-down cart is not working properly and we can not fix it without losing everything. Please enter the number (s) you want and we will send you the correct items.

Now the email we receive from PayPal is not listing the numbers of the items you put in.  Please let us know what flavors you want by writing them in the special instruction box on the address part of the checkout page. Sorry for the inconvenience and that you so much for your order.

When we get the email from PayPal the flavors of teas or scones are not listed.  The simple fix is to list the number and teabag size in the shipping instructions.  Soon we will have a new website that works properly.  Thank you for your patience.

How to Order Tea Specials

When ordering tea specials, pick out the teas that you want and write down their item numbers only. (you will not be writing the names in the order box so make sure you have the correct item number.) 

 When you have collected the item number(s) of the teas that you want, just enter their item numbers only (see example below) in the cart for which tea special you want to order. 

For example:

In a 4 Sample Bag Tea Special for $20.00, enter the five choices of tea like this:

1004, 1008, 1047, 1039

Then "Add to Cart". Note the names are left out.